Chili Sauce


Emptied out the freezer today.  People throw hot peppers at me.  Peppers everywhere.  There are these pepper people who pass peppers around because people of France don’t use hot peppers in their food.  So us pepper people peddle peppers.

When I get enough peppers, I make chili sauce.  It all started with Substance P.  Substance P is a neuropeptide and an important element in pain reception in the brain.  Thus, my sauce.  I wanted to make something very, very hot.

Substance P wasn’t all that hot.  I took out the seeds.  It is important to wear gloves when you seed hot peppers.  I didn’t.  For a week my fingers were very sensitive to hot water.  My NK1-receptors were on fire.  Totally burnt out.

But the sauce was not that hot.  So I made other sauces as follows;

  • Substance P
  • P-Funk
  • P++
  • Cement Shithaus
  • and The Mothership

Each with their own ingredients.

Today, I share with you The Mothership.


Chuck this into a pot:

  • all your hot peppers without the tops
  • apple cidre vinegar, 1 cup
  • ginger nub
  • garlic
  • pepper corns
  • brown sugar, 2 tbs
  • water, 1.5 cups
  • salt

boil for thirty minutes or so

let it cool

blend it

You need to taste it to make sure it’s rounded out.  It will need more salt and maybe a dash of sugar.  I add a special ingredient, but I couldn’t possibly share.  For this is the Mothership.

Ameoba blender shot: