Guess What I’m Making


Despite the 16 and 17 C degree weather we’ve had, it’s still winter. I’ve been a lazy soup dragon and slacked on delivering that warm broth that keeps you warm and fueled for our workload as beef farmers.

At last, I remembered to keep my steak bones and makes some beef stock.

Onions + Beef Broth = French Onion Soup.

With these cold, stone Gascon houses, you can understand why one would keep a pot of warm broth on the woodburner. So tonight and lunch tomorrow, we have soup.

I use a Saveur recipe “Soupe a l’Oignon Gratinee” that has never failed me. I leave out the flour and the crouton. Though, the crouton is definitely missed. But with a huge selection of Comte and Gruyere, I’m fortunate to keep that authentic flavor alive. Don’t use any other cheese. First, it must be Gruyere. Failing that, aged Comte. But under no circumstances should you use any other melty cheese. Just cool the soup and take a field trip for the right cheese.

Colby != Gruyere