Lazy Man’s Foie Gras


I’ve had my fair share of fancy sauces.  I’ve made foie gras in jars to be served cold.  But by far, my fav is seared foie gras served with chutney.


Secure foie


Pre-heat oven to hot

Salt, pepper and nutmeg the foie

Take raw garlic and smear on cast iron pan.

In a cast iron pan, sear that baby.

Remove foie

Empty fat …. save for foie gras fat potatoes for breaky tomorrow

Put foie back in and stick the chunky bits in the oven. ( if there are smaller bits, like in the photo, set those aside cuz they is done )


Slice in slices. serve with chutney.  Mango would be great or French man said fried fig, but we had a bunch of green tomatoes last year, so Green Tomato Chutney paired with our foie gras.  … easy peasy.  yummy yummy.

Saves you making sauces.  Sear a liver and chuck a chutney at it.