Not Fond Of Fondant? Make Your Own


For me, using fondant for a fancy cake is a cheat.  I am WAY more impressed if you can make a beautiful cake with skill and fluff.  Lucy, my daughter, wanted to do a certain cupcake recipe that involved fondant.  She looked up the ingredients in fondant and was not impressed with all the extra crap included in this culinary play-dough.

So she watched a youtube video on how to make fondant and off she went.


Making fondant is a very sticky process.  There was a moment there where she thought, ” well, I blew it.”  There was no way this sticky marshmallow mess would arrive at something you could roll out and carve.

But, she kept going.  eventually, a dough ball came around.


After her cupcakes were cooled, she managed to complete her recipe.


Homemade fondant requires

  • marshmallow
  • water
  • powdered sugar


She used this recipe on Youtube … uh … which is in French, but you might be able to follow along or find an equivalent.

For me, I am excited to share that you can make this stuff!! And as I don’t like fondant, her fondant was wonderful.