Dried Sausage

This is a fantastic thing to serve as a pre-grill munchy.  Opening a bag of chips or pretzels or nuts is easy, but you can do better.  Dried sausage has flavor.  It has texture.  It has fat to warm your bouche up for some food.

But please, peel the outer wrapper thing for your guests.  Don’t make them peel it.  In my hood, the ladies, they cut a long piece of sausage, peel the outer thing and then slice it.  Your guests thank you for not making them work so hard to enjoy your sausage.  You save on napkins from sausage fingers.  Your sausage gets eaten.  A peel left on sliced sausage is a barrier to entry.  You look lazy.  And you’re not.  Deep breath.  You can do this.