We make ourselves food in order to live.

I cook three to five meals everyday for six people. I’m no expert, but I’m beginning to get a lot of practice.

Thanks for tuning in, I’m discovering that I have something to say about this.


photo by Rocky Salskov


  1. Awesome!!! Love the site. I would grill it up for you, girl, anytime.

    Is there a newsletter so I can be alerted as soon as the next grill girl is posted??

  2. Why yes, but of course. It’s through FeedBurner. There’s a “Subscribe” link in the sidebar. Can’t wait to get you grilling!

  3. There’s an aweful lot of boob shots and suggestive facial expressions, it kind of seems like you’re using chicks as garnish too. I guess you’re embracing that kind of thing and therefore “owning” it.

  4. From one food-fundie and girl that grills to another…Abfab site!

  5. Ever grilled at a celebrity golf tournament? Tailgating on a teebox? I am producing a HUGE celebrity event Nov 4 (Thursday before the Alabama/LSU game in Baton Rouge). Got some very cool ideas to run by if you are interested in joining us and being featured on the course.

    • ah thanks. I was similarly delighted with your blog title as well. We eat a lot of bacon and a lot of lard around here.

    • ah thanks, Mademoiselle S.Cake. I’ll keep on cookin’ on!

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