Hot Out, Let’s Eat Some Duck With The Village!

Brat Like Me

DSC_0716 July, the time of the village parties.  In July, we prepare Duck Confit and Fries. … and salad and cheese and the rest. Very hot last night, but with the breeze we managed to keep things moving. DSC_0690 Guests arrived for a giggle and a drink before dinner.  Our kids each drank a can of coke.  ’tis the season! They don’t drink Coke very often, so a nice cold “Coca” on a hot day is even better than a treat. DSC_0698 The confit is prepared in a large round hot plate that has some name in French that escapes me.  Though, I’m sure in French it sounds better than “large round hot plate.”   I grabbed this rare shot of the villagers “blessing” the Large Round Hot Plate.  All arms in, a chant in Gascon before they put the confit into the large round hot plate to be cooked and offered to the…

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