New Zealand Lamb


France has some LOVELY lamb. In these parts of the Southwest, it’s quite pricey. I cook for six, so I don’t cook lamb much. When we’re after grass fed meat, we stick to our own beef.

Every once in awhile, the shops advertise New Zealand Lamb for 6 – 7 Euros a kilo. I’m always too late to grab some. But there they were, three lovely lamb roasts. I bought all of them.


I’ve never done a lamb leg roast, but I’ve roasted my share of meat.

Smothered in

duck fat

Cooked with garlicy friends and thyme sprigs. I did high oven for about fifteen minutes, then lowered to 200 C for another forty minutes. My oven runs high.


Served with roasted pots, buttery asparagus, smothered in gravy and washed down with a lovely Madiran.


See!? and I even managed to take an after photo. Usually I tuck in and forgo the result shot. I do and I do for you.


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