My Tenderoni


Along with our beef, we also do veal.  Now this is not little baby veal stuck in a pen without daylight.  This is veal along side its mum, out on the field eating grass and drinking milk.  They become fat and tender and as it turns out, incredibly tasty.  I’ve not known veal to be beefy, but our veal … is beefy.  A total surprise.  And tender. Tenderoni.

One of the cuts of veal is Tendron.  It’s basically a beef poitrine ( belly ).  I’ve cooked Tendron many times in many ways.  One of my favorites has been in stir-fry.

Cooking Tendron is fine and all were it not for this nagging Bobby Brown song that me, all by myself, is tormented with.  As I love my husband very much, I thought I should share with him the tune that dominates my brain while I cook lunch or dinner or even think about veal cuts.  Because he’s my tenderoni, he’s the only one.  I’ve been playing this song for him so he understands my plight.  So he feels pain.


It’s a lovely cut.  Quick to fry up.  Quick to eat.  Gives you that energy you need to do your job until your next meal.

And for those following along at home, I offer you “Roni”  … my tenderoni.  This Tenderoni was served with Coles’ slaw, but every Tenderoni is unique.  Only tenderonies can give a special love.  A special kind of love that makes ya feel good inside

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