The Great Liver Challenge


I somehow skipped the “now eat your liver” childhood reminiscings. I loves me some fatty duck liver, but that seems more like a culinary drug than liver. With our latest beef boxes, we now have some baby beef liver as well as cow liver.

If you can find it, baby beef liver goes for quite a price in France so it’s great to have some available for our customers and try a little on the side.

We tried cow liver and baby beef liver side-by-side. Brent did a light fry in butter with a pinch of salt.

The baby beef liver had a mild odor raw and a nice flavor when cooked. The cow liver was stronger on smell before cooking ( it smelled like liver ) yet a mild taste after its hot butter bath. To my surprise, both were edible and dare I say, “yummy.” I think next time I’d like to try a little treatment I’ve done with fresh foie gras that does a quick hiss each side, remove for sauce making then finished up in the oven to temperature ( but not overcooked ).

Brent tried his morning bubble-n-scramble with cream and salsa. That was nice on the ol’ taste buds.

Cow liver is very good for you. I think I’ll start playing around with this little vitamin goldmine.


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