‘N’ Sauce


If need be, I will ‘n’ sauce damn near anything. Today’s ‘n’ sauce was brought upon by a pork roast that came out a little dryer than expected due to a dodgy meat thermometer ( ” 179, Lo, 139, ‘f’ if I know, 152, the temperature of your meat is idiopathetic, good luck to you! “… my meat thermometer said to me directly ). So I let the roast chillax over night hoping tomorrow would bring brighter ideas.

I then ‘n’ sauced it. Pork ‘n’ sauce came out very nice with all ingredients behaving like a tender, tasty, palatable meal.

You can ‘n’ sauce in minutes like this:

– sweat some onions in butter
– add some pizazz ( thyme or pan juices or bay )
– add a tablespoon or so of flour
– stir a bit to warm and de-flour-taste the flour ( einkorn works! )
– add a splash of wine to deglaze
– add some stock ( cube okay )
– stir, salt, pepper until thickened a bit
– add your load and let simmer on the stove or stick it in an oven.

Check it out, you’ll know when it’s ready. It’ll start to look like something you’ve ordered at Denny’s on a dark and drunkened night … but it will taste sooo fine


  1. This looks really really good! Thank you so much for sharing!

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