The Samosas Are Off and Running


All my amazing fans … Okay, all my number one dedicated fans … Okay, my husband was interested in what the heck Kheema was for. To this, I celebrate my fan base and say that Kheema is “Indian Bolognese.”

Most scrumpciously, you stick that stuffing in Samosas or serve family style with ciapati. With that ginger and that cinnamon and that dedicated love, Kheema knows no boundaries.


Of course my favorite Bollywood star turn amazing Indian chef recommends veg oil. I use Charming pig dripping. And duck fat ( have I mentioned that I have a lot of duck fat? ) to fry the lovely parcels in.

I’ve done Kheema many times, but this is the first time I’ve popped them in fatty, floury parcels and deep fried them. They turned out pretty tasty. I think a little sauce might be in order. I still have a pile of Kheema leftover that I’ll stick in the freezer for future inspiration.


    • They were a hit with the peeps. All gone! I have more Kheema in the freezer, I think I’ll do another round.

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