Dinner: Porkchop Surprise with Zuch Pancakes


Surprise! Pork again!
A quick brown. Then onions, flour,wine to loosen the brown. Add stock and love it until it tastes so fine.
Pop the pork in the sauce, stick in the oven. Work on your pancakes.


Zuch pans from Fannie Farmer. Fried in lard. Don’t forget some potato and sweet potato mash.



Super yum fit for six.

Friday Night Chili


Friday Night Chili is brought to you this week with an abundance of duck fat.


Keep it simple:

Love thy onions with a star anise and lots of animal fat until they’re smoogie
Add some crushed garlic

Meanwhile, in a different pan, brown that beef then add wine and reduce

Add tomato paste to your onion mush
When it’s brick red, add some tin toms

When your onion-tomato goob has fallen into a rough sauce, add the beef

Then add a few cups of stock and let that baby simmer.

You can add beans, but I don’t because beans, beans they’re a musical fruit.


Powdered Sugar Made at Home

Don’t you go buying powdered sugar. Stick it to the man and make it yourself.

Here is how:

1cup and a half of plain granulated sugah

1tablespoon of corn starch


Stick that mix in a blender until it looks like powdered sugar. For me and my big-arse blender, that was under a minute. Let the dust settle and you will be well on your way to freedom. Freedom from people charging crazy prices for something so simple ( see vanilla extract ) makes me feel alive.