On Radish

Here’s a tip: never process cockerel in faded blue jeans.  Zara can handle the club with the bub, but it is unknown their strength with culling the boys in your peep of chooks.

Poor radish, they need a mama.  No one really appreciates its spice, its potential, its history.   So easy to grow and yet what the heck do you do with them?  Well, let me tell you, you keep it simple.  A little criss-cross, some salted butter, you’re done.  But you MUST prepare these babies or no one will eat them.  They will see radish along with some cucumber or dried ham and think, “ooo ham.  I love ham.  How pretty it looks with all that radish pizazz.”  A radish can stand alone.  Don’t forget that.  Or I’ll hit you.

You need:

– fresh radisheseses

– salted buttah

– a sharp knife for all the criss-cross bidness

Stick delicate shavings of butter in your perfect criss-cross.  Think outside the radish.  Let the radish move you.  Make it pretty.

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