Grilled Avocado

Grilled Avacado

Oh grilled avocado how I love thee.  Who knew that such a simple concoction could fuel so much drool and want.  While Katty was whipping up her stunning Cabbage Sacks, she pulled out a ripe avocado from her veggie basket and said, “I’ll cook this!”  She’d not stuck an avocado on the grill before.  The avocado was perfectly ripe so not much was needed other than the two secret herbs and spices (salt and pepper, ssssh), some olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar.

Cutting Avacado

Avacodo With Oil and Vinegar


  • ripe, avocado or two or three … like the dark, dark ones
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar or a nice fancy pants vinegar could be nice

Do to it:

  • cut in half and pit (hell stick the pit in water and grow a tree!)
  • pour a touch of olive oil in the center
  • pour a touch less vinegar in the center
  • pepper and salt that baby
  • stick on grill skin side to the heat  (don’t flip it!)


We share here at Girl On Grill Action, so everyone gets a half.  No whining! Katty had this lovely meal with some red wine of the region, but a girly white like a Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc could do the trick just fine.  Champagne goes without saying as it goes with everything.  Or whatever you crazy Californians use for white wine.  Put that wine cooler down!  A wine cooler is neither “wine” nor “cool.”

avocado gettin' hot

regional red wine

Katty kept the avocado on the grill while the other stuff was cooking.  I can’t imagine that you can over cook an avocado.  This dish was too easy and too good to not provide for your vegetarian or carnivorous guests.  You could even get all fancy and stick some chopped tomatoes, cilantro and onions in the center and call it  wanky guacamole.  Oooooo. I might try that!



    • I too was never too eager to eat them often…but a little salt and pepper on the top really brings out their flavours. They’re now one of my favorite snacks 😀

  1. That’s SUCH an awesome idea!! mmm I’m Jamaican and NEVER thought to do something like that… definitely a MUST on the beach with some grilled Red Snapper 🙂

  2. grilled avocado!? oh my! I love me some avo, but i’ve never had it grilled. I must try. My mouth is watering looking at these photos.

  3. That looks seriously yummy. I love Avocado so I should try this recipe as soon as I get hold of one.

  4. i usually eat avocado with sugar and milk or drink it as a milkshake but this looks tasty. thanks for sharing the recipe. =)

  5. i usually eat avocado with sugar and milk or drink it as a milkshake but this looks really tasty. a healthy way to enjoy it. thanks for sharing the recipe c”,)

  6. I grill pepper, aubergine, onion, corn, mushroom, courgette, leek…but never thought to grill avocado. It is new to me. It looks nice. I should try it next time. The only problem might be that it is quite meaty so you get full up quite easily and therefore you won’t have no much space to enjoy variety of vegetables and other things…am I wrong?

    For example I’m tempted to order always steamed sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves in a Chinese restaurant as it is too good. However after eating that as a dim sum I usually regret as I cannot eat other wonderful various dishes.

    If you ever have a way to cook avocado in the kitchen please illustrate it next time.
    I look forward to it.

  7. Sounds absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing. I love throwing avocadoes in salads or on sandwiches, but I never thought to grill them. Must try!

  8. This looks fabulous. I love avocado and now I might like it even more .. if possible
    Thank you

  9. Love it! Great idea and super yummy looking. Thanks for posting 🙂

  10. This looks really great!Sounds like something that might taste good over the summer. Veggies on the grill are always amazing!

  11. glad y’all dig it! Katty rocks. … and it’s not too filling, because there’s ALWAYS room for avocado.

  12. what a simple yet genius idea! since i do not have an outdoor grill, think it would work on a grill pan?

  13. Does it really get cooked or merely charred? Cooked avocado tastes nothing like raw avocado for those of you who have never eaten it… I will refrain from sharing my opinion.

    • it’s perfectly warmed. the thick skin keeps in the avocado flavor without turning all mushy yucky.

  14. I saw that post title and almost passed out. Grilled avocado?! Of course! Why hasn’t anyone done this before … and why haven’t they given it to me? I can’t wait to get a-grillin’!

  15. That sounds awesome!! We have some great red wines here in California! I can’t wait to try this! Thanks! (Wow, I am using a LOT of exclamation points today!) 🙂

  16. Sounds absolutely yummy. I have one question though, do I need to keep my right leg elevated whilst slicing avocado? That’s a technique I’m willing to try.

    • This part is crucial. You MUST lift your right leg while slicing the avocado. Left leg is okay, but the right leg really brings out the flavor. 🙂

  17. Avocado MILK SHAKE is amazing. You should make that and post the recipe. It may sound strange but it’s delicious. I will definitly try grilled avocados. Cheers, Sepi.

    • hi sepi and kiwiie! the milkshake is really good. most restaurants serve avocado shake here in the philippines though the fruit here is seasonal. i’ll try to post it sometime and update you guys. =) oh by the way, another discovery i have with avocados are arce dairy’s avocado ice cream which is to die for! (uses carabao’s milk a.k.a water buffalo which is more tasty). not sure though if arce dairy has expanded their market outside the country. will keep you posted guys.

  18. Oh, I’m drooling – and its only 10am. Long time to wait until I can go and try grilling my avocados!

  19. This is awesome! I’m just starting to get into grilling and am really excited to find a place with great recipes like above! Keep up the good work! 😀

  20. This was awesome, thanks! We made these on Easter and added a scoop of fresh salsa to the centers with the vinegar. I can’t wait to make the cabbage next.

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