New Grill With Brains

Grilled Brains For Dinner?

Doing a little research on the things that one can grill over in these Euro-peean parts I came across a British advertisement for a GREAT deal (30p off!) on six pork brain faggots! There are many reasons why Americans find this product funny. Two of which are
1) no one eats brains in America
2) no one calls little falafel looking fritters “faggots”
but I won’t kick a brain outta bed for being called a faggot, there might be some delicious unknown ready to be discovered with the right dippin’ sauce and if homegirl is grilling it, I’ll be first in line to give it a try.

But more importantly …
There’s a new grill in town and she’s feel-ing good! After many a good memory on the ol’ Weber, this grill girl has hit the road leaving Mr. Faithful behind. She likes the guys in the “R-rated” movies … especially those with subtitles. And so we will be taking our grill and making it all grillades French style – yo. Yes, the French grill too! The charcoal is a bit different and the grills are more oveny open fiery like. Should be good. The cuts of meat are different, but with enough marinade and Belgian beer I’m sure it’ll all even out to recipes anyone can use in any country.

Meet The New Grill


  1. They don’t contain brains, Brain’s is the name of the company that makes them 😉

    They’re a sort of meatball of liver and pork belly ( and heart & lungs traditionally ) & seasonings.

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