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I love deveining foie gras. It means that we will be having foie gras for dinner.


Brent did the cooking this evening. He kept it simple with with a hot pan for a sizzle on each side. He peppered. He salted, but he used big salt which really gave it that something.

Served with a Pat original chutney involving green and red tomatoes. Some left over potato purée, just a wee bit, allowed you to do a foie gras, chutney, potato purée layering on your fork for a bite beyond bites. So good. Wish you were here. With foie gras, you need to perfect the balance of salt, sweet and spice. I thought the chutney version did the trick without all the work of fancy sauces. Okay, four more livers to go and we may get our consistency on.

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